Schedule & Results, Peter Mancuso November Challenge, 2018-2019 (Niagara Falls Minor Hockey)

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Friday, November 2, 2018
M. Atom A8:00 AMGC Ted Reeve Thunder5-0Toronto Avalanche
M. Atom B8:00 AMGC Ted Reeve Thunder1-1Niagara Falls Flyers
Novice C8:00 AMVC1 Whitby Wildcats7-0Niagara Falls Flyers
M. Atom A8:00 AMCH Toronto Aeros6-1West Hill Golden Hawks
Novice A8:00 AMWM Meadowvale Hawks3-2Niagara Falls Flyers
M. Atom C8:00 AMCR Niagara Falls Flyers0-3Vaughan Rangers
M. Atom B8:15 AMGC Brampton 45's0-3Richmond Hill Stars
Atom C8:15 AMGC Burlington Eagles3-3Pickering Panthers
Novice C8:30 AMVC2 Vaughan Rangers - Peragine5-2Markham Waxers
Novice A8:30 AMWY Weston Dodgers4-1Newmarket Redmen
M. Atom A9:00 AMGC Whitby Wildcats2-5Ancaster Avalanche
M. Atom B9:00 AMGC Markham Waxers2-0Pickering Panthers
Novice C9:00 AMVC1 Oshawa Minor Generals0-2Amhurstburg Stars
M. Atom A9:00 AMCH Stouffville Clippers3-3West Mall Lightening
Novice B9:00 AMWM Woodstock Junior Navy Vets4-0North Durham
M. Atom C9:00 AMCR Duffield Devils2-3Willowdale Blackhawks
M. Atom B9:15 AMGC Southpoint 2-0TNT Tornadoes
Atom C9:15 AMGC Meadowvale Hawks6-2Toronto Royals
Novice A9:30 AMVC2 Burlington Junior Cougars0-13Welland Tigers
Novice B9:30 AMWY Whitby Wildcats4-4TNT Tornadoes
M. Atom C10:00 AMGC Markham Islanders4-5Oshawa Minor Generals
M. Atom D10:00 AMGC Oakville Rangers3-3Forest Hill Force
Novice A10:00 AMVC1 Alliston TNT1-8Willowdale Blackhawks
M. Atom C10:00 AMCH Lasalle Sabers0-3Northumblerland Nighthawks
Atom A10:00 AMWM Markham Waxers4-0Niagara Falls Flyers
M. Peewee 10:00 AMCR Vaughan Rangers4-1Greater Toronto Capitals
Atom AA10:15 AMGC Willowdale Blackhawks1-8Niagara Falls Flyers
M. Atom D10:15 AMGC Vaughan Panthers0-1Don Mills Mustangs
Novice B10:30 AMVC2 King Rebellion8-1Aurora Tigers
Atom A10:30 AMWY TNT 1-1Applewood Coyotes
M. Peewee 10:30 AMFEJ Toronto East Enders3-2Perinton
Atom AA11:00 AMGC GT Capitals2-4Kensington Valley Rebels
Atom AA11:00 AMGC Stouffville Clippers0-3Vaughan Panthers
Novice B11:00 AMVC1 Vaughan Rangers - Mattone5-0Guelph Junior Gryphons
Peewee C11:00 AMCH Ajax Knights0-5London Junior Mustangs
Atom B11:00 AMWM Duffield Devils0-16Whitby Wildcats
M. Peewee 11:00 AMFEK Humberview Huskies1-1Whitby Wildcats
M. Peewee 11:00 AMCR Barrie Colts6-3Toronto Aeros
Atom AA11:15 AMGC West Mall Lightening8-1Kent Cobras
M. Peewee 11:15 AMGC Kitchener Junior Rangers3-3Mississauga Beasts
Atom AE 11:30 AMVC2 Ajax Knights0-6North London Nationals
Atom B11:30 AMWY West Mall Lightening4-2Toronto East Enders
M. Peewee 11:30 AMFEJ Niagara Falls Flyers6-1Pickering Panthers
M. Peewee 12:00 PMGC Amhurst Knights1-2Niagara Falls Flyers
Peewee A12:00 PMGC Humberview Huskies5-2Toronto Avalanche
Atom AE 12:00 PMVC1 Aurora Tigers2-1Clarington Toros
Peewee C12:00 PMCH West Hill Golden Hawks3-5TNT Tornadoes
Peewee AE 12:00 PMWM St. Thomas Stars7-4Niagara Falls Flyers
M. Peewee 12:00 PMFEK London Junior Mustangs0-1Clarington Toros
M. Peewee 12:00 PMCR TNT Tornadoes2-2Scarborough Ice Raiders
M. Peewee 12:15 PMGC Belleville Junior Bulls1-3Northumberland Nighthawks
Peewee B12:15 PMGC Vaughan Rangers5-1Ancaster Avalanche
Novice C12:30 PMVC2 Niagara Falls Flyers0-6Richmond Hill Stars
Peewee AE 12:30 PMWY Erin Hillsburgh Devils5-3Lasalle Sabres
M. Peewee 12:30 PMFEJ Peterborough Petes8-1West Hill Golden Hawks
M. Peewee 1:00 PMGC Sarnia Sting2-0Kent Cobras
Peewee A1:00 PMGC Amhurstburg Stars2-4Buffalo Stars
Novice A1:00 PMVC1 Willowdale Blackhawks7-2Burlington Junior Cougars
Peewee D1:00 PMCH North Durham Warriors4-2Oshawa Minor Generals
Peewee AE 1:00 PMWM Glanbrook Rangers1-3Merriton Bulldogs
M. Peewee 1:00 PMFEK Goulding Park Rangers6-0Southpoint
M. Atom C1:00 PMCR Willowdale Blackhawks5-2Niagara Falls Flyers
Peewee B1:15 PMGC Oakville Rangers2-2Port Credit Storm
Peewee D1:15 PMGC Vaughan Panthers5-1George Bell Titans
Novice A1:30 PMVC2 Welland Tigers8-0Alliston TNT
Novice A1:30 PMWY Newmarket Redmen0-6Meadowvale Hawks
Peewee AA1:30 PMFEJ Hamilton Huskies2-0Brampton 45's
M. Atom D2:00 PMGC Forest Hill Force1-2Barrie Colts
M. Atom A2:00 PMGC Ancaster Avalanche7-3Ted Reeve Thunder
Novice C2:00 PMVC1 Markham Waxers0-1Whitby Wildcats
M. Atom B2:00 PMCH TNT Tornadoes 2-3Brampton 45's
Peewee AE 2:00 PMWM Perinton Blades7-1Northumberland Nighthawks
Peewee AA2:00 PMFEK North Durham Warriors1-1Dundas Blues
M. Atom C2:00 PMCR Vaughan Rangers4-0Duffield Devils
M. Atom A2:15 PMGC Toronto Avalanche1-6Whitby Wildcats
M. Atom C2:15 PMGC Northumblerland Nighthawks3-3Markham Islanders
Novice C2:30 PMVC2 Amhurstburg Stars4-1Vaughan Rangers - Peragine
Novice B2:30 PMWY TNT Tornadoes 4-8Woodstock Junior Navy Vets
Atom C2:30 PMFEJ Toronto Royals1-6Burlington Eagles
M. Atom B3:00 PMGC Pickering Panthers3-1Ted Reeve Thunder
Atom AA3:00 PMGC Niagara Falls Flyers3-0Toronto Avalanche
Novice B3:00 PMVC1 Guelph Junior Gryphons1-3King Rebellion
M. Atom B3:00 PMCH Richmond Hill Stars0-0Southpoint
Novice A3:00 PMWM Niagara Falls Flyers4-4Weston Dodgers
Atom C3:00 PMFEK Pickering Panthers1-1Meadowvale Hawks
M. Peewee 3:00 PMCR Toronto Aeros0-2Vaughan Rangers
Atom AA3:15 PMGC GT Capitals8-1Willowdale Blackhawks
M. Atom C3:15 PMGC Oshawa Minor Generals1-1Lasalle Sabers
Novice B3:30 PMVC2 Aurora Tigers0-5Vaughan Rangers - Mattone
Atom A3:30 PMWY Applewood Coyotes2-3Markham Waxers
M. Peewee 3:30 PMFEJ Perinton 3-4Riverside Rangers
M. Atom A4:00 PMGC West Mall Lightening2-4Toronto Aeros
M. Atom B4:00 PMGC Niagara Falls Flyers3-2Markham Waxers
Atom B4:00 PMVC1 Toronto East Enders1-0Duffield Devils
M. Peewee 4:00 PMCH Scarborough Ice Raiders1-7Barrie Colts
Novice B4:00 PMWM North Durham 2-2Whitby Wildcats
M. Peewee 4:00 PMFEK Clarington Toros5-1Humberview Huskies
M. Atom D4:15 PMGC Don Mills Mustangs2-2Oakville Rangers
Atom AA4:15 PMGC Stouffville Clippers6-0Kensington Valley Rebels
Novice C4:30 PMVC2 Richmond Hill Stars1-4Oshawa Minor Generals
Atom A4:30 PMWY Niagara Falls Flyers6-1TNT
M. Atom A5:00 PMGC West Hill Golden Hawks6-9Stouffville Clippers
M. Peewee 5:00 PMGC Kent Cobras3-4Amhurst Knights
Atom B5:00 PMVC1 Whitby Wildcats9-0West Mall Lightening
M. Peewee 5:00 PMCH Greater Toronto Capitals1-1TNT Tornadoes
M. Peewee 5:00 PMWM Whitby Wildcats3-0Goulding Park Rangers
M. Peewee 5:00 PMFEK Southpoint 0-1London Junior Mustangs
Atom AA5:15 PMGC West Mall Lightening1-2Vaughan Panthers
M. Atom D5:15 PMGC Barrie Colts3-0Vaughan Panthers
Atom AE 5:30 PMVC2 Clarington Toros2-1Ajax Knights
M. Peewee 6:00 PMGC Niagara Falls Flyers2-0Sarnia Sting
Atom AE 6:00 PMVC1 North London Nationals4-1Aurora Tigers
M. Peewee 6:00 PMCH West Hill Golden Hawks0-6Niagara Falls Flyers
M. Peewee 6:00 PMFEK Pickering Panthers2-7Toronto East Enders
Peewee B6:15 PMGC Port Credit Storm2-3Vaughan Rangers
Atom AA6:15 PMGC Toronto Avalanche1-0Kent Cobras
M. Peewee 6:30 PMVC2 Northumberland Nighthawks3-0Kitchener Junior Rangers
Peewee A7:00 PMGC Buffalo Stars3-4Humberview Huskies
Peewee A7:00 PMCH Toronto Avalanche3-2Amhurstburg Stars
M. Peewee 7:15 PMGC Mississauga Beasts0-7Belleville Junior Bulls
Peewee B7:15 PMGC Ancaster Avalanche3-2Oakville Rangers
Peewee D8:00 PMGC George Bell Titans0-3North Durham Warriors
M. Peewee 8:00 PMCH Riverside Rangers2-4Peterborough Petes
Peewee C8:15 PMGC TNT Tornadoes1-0Ajax Knights
Peewee C8:15 PMGC London Junior Mustangs4-1West Hill Golden Hawks
Peewee D9:00 PMGC Oshawa Minor Generals0-2Vaughan Panthers
Saturday, November 3, 2018
M. Atom C7:15 AMGC Markham Islanders2-0Lasalle Sabers
Novice C7:30 AMCH Niagara Falls Flyers1-4Amhurstburg Stars
Novice B8:00 AMGC Woodstock Junior Navy Vets7-3Whitby Wildcats
Novice A8:00 AMGC Meadowvale Hawks6-2Weston Dodgers
Novice B8:15 AMGC King Rebellion2-8Vaughan Rangers - Mattone
Novice A8:15 AMGC Burlington Junior Cougars3-0Alliston TNT
Novice C8:30 AMCH Markham Waxers2-1Richmond Hill Stars
Novice B9:00 AMGC TNT Tornadoes 1-4North Durham
Novice A9:00 AMGC Newmarket Redmen1-2Niagara Falls Flyers
Atom AA9:00 AMVC1 Kent Cobras4-2Willowdale Blackhawks
Novice B9:15 AMGC Guelph Junior Gryphons2-0Aurora Tigers
Novice A9:15 AMGC Willowdale Blackhawks1-4Welland Tigers
Novice C9:30 AMCH Vaughan Rangers - Peragine5-0Oshawa Minor Generals
Atom C10:00 AMGC Burlington Eagles3-1Meadowvale Hawks
M. Atom D10:00 AMGC Vaughan Panthers1-5Forest Hill Force
M. Atom A10:00 AMVC1 Ted Reeve Thunder2-2Whitby Wildcats
M. Atom C10:15 AMGC Northumblerland Nighthawks2-0Oshawa Minor Generals
M. Atom B10:15 AMGC Ted Reeve Thunder3-2Markham Waxers
M. Peewee 10:30 AMCH West Hill Golden Hawks0-6Toronto East Enders
Atom A11:00 AMGC Markham Waxers6-1TNT
Atom C11:00 AMGC Toronto Royals1-6Pickering Panthers
M. Atom A11:00 AMVC1 Toronto Aeros4-1Stouffville Clippers
M. Atom B11:15 AMGC Pickering Panthers2-3Niagara Falls Flyers
M. Atom B11:30 AMCH Brampton 45's0-4Southpoint
Atom A12:00 PMGC Applewood Coyotes0-0Niagara Falls Flyers
Atom B12:00 PMGC Duffield Devils1-3West Mall Lightening
M. Atom A12:00 PMVC1 West Mall Lightening3-1West Hill Golden Hawks
M. Atom D12:15 PMGC Oakville Rangers0-2Don Mills Mustangs
M. Atom C12:15 PMGC Niagara Falls Flyers1-3Duffield Devils
M. Atom A12:30 PMVC2 Ancaster Avalanche6-2Toronto Avalanche
M. Atom B12:30 PMCH TNT Tornadoes 0-3Richmond Hill Stars
Atom B1:00 PMGC Toronto East Enders0-7Whitby Wildcats
Peewee AA1:00 PMGC Dundas Blues2-0Hamilton Huskies
Atom AA1:00 PMVC1 Toronto Avalanche0-6Vaughan Panthers
Atom AE 1:15 PMGC Ajax Knights3-2Aurora Tigers
M. Atom C1:15 PMGC Willowdale Blackhawks2-3Vaughan Rangers
Atom AA1:30 PMVC2 Kensington Valley Rebels3-1West Mall Lightening
M. Peewee 1:30 PMCH Pickering Panthers0-6Peterborough Petes
Peewee AA2:00 PMGC Brampton 45's1-2North Durham Warriors
Novice C2:00 PMGC Amhurstburg Stars0-5Whitby Wildcats
Atom AA2:00 PMVC1 GT Capitals0-3Stouffville Clippers
Atom AE 2:15 PMGC Clarington Toros0-6North London Nationals
M. Atom D2:15 PMGC Forest Hill Force1-3Barrie Colts
M. Peewee 2:30 PMCH Perinton 1-1Riverside Rangers
Peewee AE 3:00 PMGC Lasalle Sabres3-4St. Thomas Stars
Peewee AE 3:00 PMGC Northumberland Nighthawks5-0Glanbrook Rangers
Atom AA3:00 PMVC1 Kent Cobras1-6Niagara Falls Flyers
Peewee AE 3:15 PMGC Merriton Bulldogs2-1Perinton Blades
M. Peewee 3:15 PMGC Goulding Park Rangers2-3Clarington Toros
M. Peewee 3:30 PMCH Toronto East Enders4-4Niagara Falls Flyers
M. Peewee 4:00 PMGC London Junior Mustangs3-3Whitby Wildcats
Peewee AE 4:00 PMGC Niagara Falls Flyers1-4Erin Hillsburgh Devils
M. Peewee 4:00 PMVC1 Amhurst Knights1-2Sarnia Sting
M. Peewee 4:15 PMGC Scarborough Ice Raiders4-3Greater Toronto Capitals
M. Peewee 4:15 PMGC TNT Tornadoes2-2Toronto Aeros
M. Peewee 4:30 PMVC2 Kent Cobras1-5Niagara Falls Flyers
Peewee D4:30 PMCH North Durham Warriors0-3Vaughan Panthers
M. Peewee 5:00 PMGC Vaughan Rangers2-2Barrie Colts
M. Peewee 5:00 PMGC Kitchener Junior Rangers2-3Belleville Junior Bulls
Peewee A5:00 PMVC1 Humberview Huskies5-0Amhurstburg Stars
M. Peewee 5:15 PMGC Northumberland Nighthawks4-0Mississauga Beasts
M. Peewee 5:15 PMGC Humberview Huskies3-0Southpoint
Peewee A5:30 PMVC2 Buffalo Stars3-6Toronto Avalanche
Peewee D5:30 PMCH George Bell Titans2-2Oshawa Minor Generals
Novice Sem6:00 PMGC Amhurstburg Stars5-3Vaughan Rangers - Mattone
Novice Sem6:00 PMGC Whitby Wildcats1-4Welland Tigers
Peewee B6:00 PMVC1 Vaughan Rangers1-0Oakville Rangers
Novice Sem6:15 PMGC North Durham 1-2Meadowvale Hawks
Novice Sem6:15 PMGC Niagara Falls Flyers1-5Woodstock Junior Navy Vets
Peewee AA6:30 PMCH Hamilton Huskies0-3North Durham Warriors
M. Atom Se7:00 PMGC Barrie Colts3-4Richmond Hill Stars
M. Atom Se7:00 PMGC Vaughan Rangers3-0Ancaster Avalanche
Peewee B7:00 PMVC1 Port Credit Storm2-3Ancaster Avalanche
Peewee AE 7:15 PMGC Glanbrook Rangers1-5Perinton Blades
Peewee AE 7:15 PMGC Northumberland Nighthawks5-4Merriton Bulldogs
Peewee AA7:30 PMCH Dundas Blues3-2Brampton 45's
Peewee AE 8:00 PMGC St. Thomas Stars0-4Erin Hillsburgh Devils
Peewee AE 8:00 PMGC Lasalle Sabres7-4Niagara Falls Flyers
Peewee C8:15 PMGC TNT Tornadoes1-2London Junior Mustangs
Peewee C8:15 PMGC Ajax Knights0-0West Hill Golden Hawks
Sunday, November 4, 2018
Atom Semi 7:15 AMGC Burlington Eagles0-2Markham Waxers
M. Atom Se8:00 AMGC Northumblerland Nighthawks4-2Toronto Aeros
M. Atom Se8:00 AMGC Markham Islanders6-1Niagara Falls Flyers
Atom Semi 8:15 AMGC Pickering Panthers1-2Whitby Wildcats
Peewee Sem8:15 AMGC London Junior Mustangs3-2Humberview Huskies
Atom AA Se9:00 AMGC Kensington Valley Rebels2-3Vaughan Panthers
Atom AA Se9:00 AMGC Stouffville Clippers2-4Niagara Falls Flyers
M. Peewee 9:15 AMGC Niagara Falls Flyers2-4Vaughan Rangers
M. Peewee 9:15 AMGC Peterborough Petes1-2Clarington Toros
Peewee Sem10:00 AMGC Vaughan Rangers5-0Vaughan Panthers
M. Peewee 10:15 AMGC Sarnia Sting3-2Northumberland Nighthawks
M. Peewee 10:15 AMGC Belleville Junior Bulls2-3Niagara Falls Flyers
Atom AE Fi11:00 AMGC Aurora Tigers0-2North London Nationals
Peewee AE 11:15 AMGC Merriton Bulldogs3-0Erin Hillsburgh Devils
Peewee AE 11:15 AMGC St. Thomas Stars1-5Perinton Blades
Peewee Fin12:00 PMGC Dundas Blues0-3North Durham Warriors
Novice Fin12:15 PMGC Woodstock Junior Navy Vets4-0Meadowvale Hawks
Novice Fin12:15 PMGC Amhurstburg Stars1-2Welland Tigers
M. Atom Fi1:00 PMGC Richmond Hill Stars0-4Vaughan Rangers
M. Atom Fi1:00 PMGC Markham Islanders0-3Northumblerland Nighthawks
Atom Final1:15 PMGC Whitby Wildcats2-1Markham Waxers
Atom AA Fi1:15 PMGC Niagara Falls Flyers0-1Vaughan Panthers
Peewee Fin2:00 PMGC Vaughan Rangers2-0London Junior Mustangs
M. Peewee 2:00 PMGC Vaughan Rangers2-1Clarington Toros
M. Peewee 2:15 PMGC Sarnia Sting1-3Niagara Falls Flyers
Peewee AE 3:00 PMGC Perinton Blades1-0Merriton Bulldogs
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