Schedule & Results, The Ange Giajnorio Memorial Winter Thaw Tournament, 2016-2017 (Niagara Falls Minor Hockey)

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Monday, March 13, 2017
PW9:00 AMStouffville Clippers - TRATNIK1-3Brantford Saints
NOV9:15 AMJordan Lions1-4Niagara Falls
NOV9:15 AMChedoke Express6-1Fort Erie Meteors
NOV10:00 AMHamilton Mountain Blues0-5Caledon Hawks
NOV10:15 AMWaterloo Wolves5-1Ancaster Avalanche
NOV10:15 AMCYO Storm1-3Stouffville Clippers
NOV11:00 AMKiwanis Stars1-1Lincoln Blades
AT11:15 AMStouffville Clippers0-7Whitby Wildcats - WALLACE
AT11:15 AMDofasco Steelhawks14-1Caledon Hawks - MAIA
AT12:00 PMCaledon Hawks - PISANTI4-1Whitby Wildcats - WALKER
AT12:00 PMBrantford Saints1-7Niagara Falls
AT12:15 PMKiwanis Stars5-3Oshawa Falcons
AT12:15 PMBarrie Colts1-1Chedoke Express
PW1:00 PMDundas Blues3-5Lawfield Thunder
PW1:00 PMStouffville Clippers - LEGROW1-0Niagara Falls
PW1:15 PMGarden City Kiwanis Stars3-0Acton Chargers
PW1:15 PMWest London Hawks - HODGINS1-5Flamborough Sabres
PW2:00 PMWest London Hawks - KLIEWER2-1Essex Ravens
PW2:00 PMOshawa Falcons1-4Dofasco Steelhawks
NOV2:15 PMLincoln Blades2-5Hamilton Mountain Blues
PW2:15 PMBrantford Saints8-0Markham Waxers
AT3:00 PMWhitby Wildcats - WALKER6-3Brantford Saints
NOV3:00 PMAncaster Avalanche7-0Jordan Lions
NOV3:15 PMCaledon Hawks1-2Kiwanis Stars
NOV3:15 PMStouffville Clippers2-3Chedoke Express
NOV4:00 PMNiagara Falls 3-2Waterloo Wolves
AT4:00 PMNiagara Falls 4-2Caledon Hawks - PISANTI
NOV4:15 PMFort Erie Meteors1-6CYO Storm
AT4:15 PMOshawa Falcons2-2Dofasco Steelhawks
AT5:00 PMWhitby Wildcats - WALLACE3-4Barrie Colts
AT5:00 PMChedoke Express4-3Stouffville Clippers
AT5:15 PMCaledon Hawks - MAIA0-9Kiwanis Stars
PW5:15 PMActon Chargers1-8Stouffville Clippers - LEGROW
PW6:00 PMDofasco Steelhawks7-0Stouffville Clippers - TRATNIK
PW6:00 PMFlamborough Sabres5-0Dundas Blues
PW6:15 PMLawfield Thunder12-1West London Hawks - HODGINS
PW6:15 PMNiagara Falls 2-2Garden City Kiwanis Stars
PW7:00 PMEssex Ravens3-0Oshawa Falcons
PW7:15 PMMarkham Waxers0-10West London Hawks - KLIEWER
Tuesday, March 14, 2017
PW9:00 AMMarkham Waxers1-7Brantford Saints
BT9:00 AMNiagara Falls 4-2Brantford 99'ers
BT9:15 AMBrampton Bears5-0Erin Hillsburgh
BT9:15 AMCaledon Hawks0-1Oshawa NASC Falcons
BT10:00 AMFlamborough Sabres1-2Orangeville Flyers
BT10:00 AMChedoke Express4-0Acton Chargers - KING
BT10:15 AMBradford Bulldogs1-6Whitby Wildcats
BT10:15 AMActon Chargers - PRATT10-1Milton Winterhawks
BT11:00 AMStouffville 5-2Oshawa Hawks
MI11:00 AMNiagara Falls 0-5Jordan Lions
MI11:15 AMCaledon Hawks - RED3-1Rosedale
MI11:15 AMCaledon Hawks - WHITE8-2Garden City Kiwanis Stars
PW12:00 PMStouffville Clippers - TRATNIK0-7Dofasco Steelhawks
NOV12:00 PMHamilton Mountain Blues4-2Kiwanis Stars
NOV12:15 PMChedoke Express3-3CYO Storm
NOV12:15 PMJordan Lions2-3Waterloo Wolves
NOV1:00 PMLincoln Blades2-3Caledon Hawks
PW1:00 PMOshawa Falcons1-4Essex Ravens
NOV1:15 PMAncaster Avalanche4-2Niagara Falls
NOV1:15 PMStouffville Clippers3-1Fort Erie Meteors
AT2:00 PMChedoke Express3-3Whitby Wildcats - WALLACE
AT2:00 PMStouffville Clippers0-8Barrie Colts
AT2:15 PMDofasco Steelhawks4-0Kiwanis Stars
AT2:15 PMBrantford Saints2-9Caledon Hawks - PISANTI
PW3:00 PMDundas Blues3-1West London Hawks - HODGINS
PW3:00 PMFlamborough Sabres0-6Lawfield Thunder
AT3:15 PMWhitby Wildcats - WALKER1-2Niagara Falls
AT3:15 PMOshawa Falcons5-1Caledon Hawks - MAIA
PW4:00 PMStouffville Clippers - LEGROW7-4Garden City Kiwanis Stars
BT4:00 PMErin Hillsburgh 0-7Acton Chargers - PRATT
PW4:15 PMDofasco Steelhawks2-4West London Hawks - KLIEWER
PW4:15 PMEssex Ravens4-2Brantford Saints
PW5:00 PMActon Chargers2-3Niagara Falls
BT5:00 PMMilton Winterhawks0-12Brampton Bears
BT5:15 PMOshawa NASC Falcons3-1Bradford Bulldogs
BT5:15 PMBrantford 99'ers1-4Flamborough Sabres
BT6:00 PMActon Chargers - KING0-2Stouffville
BT6:00 PMOshawa Hawks0-8Chedoke Express
BT6:15 PMOrangeville Flyers0-8Niagara Falls
BT6:15 PMWhitby Wildcats1-1Caledon Hawks
MI7:00 PMJordan Lions2-5Caledon Hawks - WHITE
MI7:15 PMGarden City Kiwanis Stars2-5Caledon Hawks - RED
MI7:15 PMRosedale 7-1Niagara Falls
Wednesday, March 15, 2017
AT9:00 AMBarrie Colts9-0Niagara Falls
NOV9:15 AMWaterloo Wolves1-2Chedoke Express
NOV9:15 AMAncaster Avalanche1-2Caledon Hawks
AT10:00 AMCaledon Hawks - PISANTI0-2Dofasco Steelhawks
PW10:15 AMWest London Hawks - KLIEWER0-4Stouffville Clippers - LEGROW
PW10:15 AMEssex Ravens2-3Lawfield Thunder
BT11:00 AMOrangeville Flyers0-2Brantford 99'ers
BT11:15 AMMilton Winterhawks0-2Erin Hillsburgh
BT11:15 AMWhitby Wildcats10-0Oshawa NASC Falcons
BT12:00 PMNiagara Falls 5-0Flamborough Sabres
BT12:15 PMCaledon Hawks2-2Bradford Bulldogs
BT12:15 PMBrampton Bears0-8Acton Chargers - PRATT
BT1:00 PMOshawa Hawks1-1Acton Chargers - KING
BT1:15 PMChedoke Express3-0Stouffville
MI1:15 PMCaledon Hawks - WHITE1-1Rosedale
NOV2:00 PMCaledon Hawks5-1Chedoke Express
MI2:15 PMNiagara Falls 1-4Garden City Kiwanis Stars
MI2:15 PMCaledon Hawks - RED2-4Jordan Lions
PW3:15 PMStouffville Clippers - LEGROW1-4Lawfield Thunder
AT3:15 PMDofasco Steelhawks0-6Barrie Colts
Thursday, March 16, 2017
BT9:00 AMNiagara Falls 1-6Acton Chargers - PRATT
BT9:15 AMWhitby Wildcats2-0Chedoke Express
MI10:00 AMRosedale 1-3Caledon Hawks - WHITE
MI10:15 AMCaledon Hawks - RED1-4Jordan Lions
BT1:00 PMWhitby Wildcats4-2Acton Chargers - PRATT
MI2:15 PMJordan Lions3-1Caledon Hawks - WHITE
Friday, March 17, 2017
AT8:00 AMCaledonia Yellow Jackets2-6Niagara Falls Blackhawks
NOV8:15 AMNiagara Falls Stars6-9London Bandits C2
NOV8:15 AMGlanbrook 6-0Grimsby Rangers
PW9:00 AMLambton Shores Red3-2London Bandits B6
NOV9:15 AMLawfield Flames9-0London Bandits 31
NOV9:15 AMWest Lincoln Wrath0-1Oakridge Aeros A2
AT10:00 AMLondon Bandits B47-2Glanbrook Devils
NOV10:15 AMGrimsby Blue Thunder2-6Pelham Panthers
NOV10:15 AMNiagara Falls Flyers1-2Niagara Falls Canadiens
AT11:00 AMAlliston Polar Express0-6Lambton Shores
AT11:15 AMLondon Bandits 432-7Kanata Wolfpack
AT11:15 AMLefroy Ice Breakers 21-11Barrie Blackhawks
AT11:30 AMGlanbrook Blackhawks5-6West London 23
PW11:30 AMMount Forest Rams0-3Glanbrook Rangers
BT12:00 PMNiagara Falls Yellow - WEST0-6Glanbrook Rangers - TUCK
BT12:15 PMGlanbrook Rangers - MCHUGH7-3Misssissauga Phantom Wolves - WEBB
NOV12:15 PMGrimsby Rangers2-5London Bandits A2
PW12:30 PMLondon Bandits C65-1Lambton Shores Black
PW12:30 PMDream Catcher Fireworks2-7Lawfield Oilers
BT1:00 PMStoney Creek Lightening2-6Mount Forest
BT1:15 PMMisssissauga Phantom Wolves - TROISI8-0Essex Orange Ravens
BT1:15 PMLawfield Montreal Canadians1-5Lindsay Muskies
PW1:30 PMLondon Bandits 151-7Mississauga Phantom Wolves
PW1:30 PMLondon Bandits B68-1Alliston Orange Crushers
MI2:00 PMMount Forest Rams0-3South Huron
BT2:15 PMEast Gwillimbury 2-6London Bandits C8
MI2:15 PMLefroy Ice Breakers12-0Port Credit Storm
NOV2:30 PMOakridge Aeros A24-2Grimsby Blue Thunder
NOV2:30 PMLondon Bandits C23-1West Lincoln Wrath
MI3:00 PMKawartha Coyotes7-3Lambton Shores Predators
MI3:15 PMConiston Flames0-7Barrie
BT3:15 PMLawfield Bulldogs0-4Peterborough Kings
NOV3:30 PMPelham Panthers9-1Niagara Falls Stars
NOV4:00 PMLondon Bandits 312-7Glanbrook
MI4:15 PMMississauga Phantom Wolves3-1Stayner Cyclones
MI4:15 PMIngersoll Shooters Sports Photography2-8London Bandits D9
NOV4:30 PMNiagara Falls Canadiens1-1Lawfield Flames
AT5:00 PMKanata Wolfpack3-1Lefroy Ice Breakers 2
AT5:15 PMWest London 239-2Caledonia Yellow Jackets
AT5:15 PMLambton Shores0-2London Bandits B4
NOV5:30 PMLondon Bandits A26-2Niagara Falls Flyers
AT6:00 PMBarrie Blackhawks10-0London Bandits 43
AT6:15 PMNiagara Falls Blackhawks8-0Glanbrook Blackhawks
AT6:15 PMGlanbrook Devils1-2Alliston Polar Express
PW7:00 PMLambton Shores Black2-2Mount Forest Rams
PW7:15 PMGlanbrook Rangers8-2London Bandits 15
PW7:15 PMMississauga Phantom Wolves1-1London Bandits C6
PW8:00 PMLawfield Oilers6-1Lambton Shores Red
PW8:15 PMAlliston Orange Crushers3-6Dream Catcher Fireworks
Saturday, March 18, 2017
NOV8:00 AMLondon Bandits 313-6London Bandits A2
NOV8:00 AMGrimsby Rangers0-2Lawfield Flames
NOV8:15 AMNiagara Falls Flyers1-2Niagara Falls Canadiens
PW8:15 AMLondon Bandits B63-4Lawfield Oilers
BT9:00 AMGlanbrook Rangers - TUCK10-1Stoney Creek Lightening
BT9:00 AMEssex Orange Ravens3-3East Gwillimbury
BT9:15 AMLondon Bandits C87-0Lawfield Bulldogs
BT9:15 AMMisssissauga Phantom Wolves - WEBB6-2Lawfield Montreal Canadians
BT10:00 AMPeterborough Kings1-2Misssissauga Phantom Wolves - TROISI
BT10:00 AMMount Forest 1-1Niagara Falls Yellow - WEST
BT10:15 AMLindsay Muskies4-1Glanbrook Rangers - MCHUGH
MI10:15 AMLondon Bandits D95-0Mississauga Phantom Wolves
MI11:00 AMPort Credit Storm3-8Coniston Flames
NOV11:00 AMWest Lincoln Wrath0-5Pelham Panthers
MI11:15 AMSouth Huron 3-3Kawartha Coyotes
MI11:15 AMStayner Cyclones6-3Ingersoll Shooters Sports Photography
MI12:00 PMBarrie 0-11Lefroy Ice Breakers
NOV12:00 PMNiagara Falls Stars3-5Oakridge Aeros A2
MI12:15 PMLambton Shores Predators1-3Mount Forest Rams
PW12:15 PMLambton Shores Red3-5Dream Catcher Fireworks
PW1:00 PMLawfield Oilers7-2Alliston Orange Crushers
NOV1:00 PMGrimsby Blue Thunder3-4London Bandits C2
AT1:15 PMLondon Bandits B42-1Alliston Polar Express
AT1:15 PMCaledonia Yellow Jackets2-1Glanbrook Blackhawks
AT2:00 PMLefroy Ice Breakers 24-0London Bandits 43
NOV2:00 PMLawfield Flames2-1Glanbrook
AT2:15 PMLambton Shores7-0Glanbrook Devils
AT2:15 PMWest London 232-7Niagara Falls Blackhawks
PW3:00 PMLondon Bandits 150-3Lambton Shores Black
NOV3:00 PMNiagara Falls Canadiens1-2London Bandits A2
AT3:15 PMKanata Wolfpack1-5Barrie Blackhawks
PW3:15 PMLondon Bandits C68-0Glanbrook Rangers
BT4:00 PMLindsay Muskies8-2Misssissauga Phantom Wolves - WEBB
PW4:15 PMMount Forest Rams0-3Mississauga Phantom Wolves
PW4:15 PMDream Catcher Fireworks8-2London Bandits B6
BT5:00 PMGlanbrook Rangers - MCHUGH3-2Lawfield Montreal Canadians
BT5:15 PMMount Forest 4-1Glanbrook Rangers - TUCK
PW5:15 PMAlliston Orange Crushers0-5Lambton Shores Red
BT6:00 PMEast Gwillimbury 1-6Peterborough Kings
BT6:00 PMNiagara Falls Yellow - WEST2-1Stoney Creek Lightening
BT6:15 PMLawfield Bulldogs3-7Essex Orange Ravens
BT6:15 PMMisssissauga Phantom Wolves - TROISI2-3London Bandits C8
MI7:00 PMLambton Shores Predators0-5South Huron
MI7:00 PMStayner Cyclones0-2London Bandits D9
MI7:15 PMBarrie 14-1Port Credit Storm
MI7:15 PMIngersoll Shooters Sports Photography2-8Mississauga Phantom Wolves
MI8:00 PMMount Forest Rams0-3Kawartha Coyotes
MI8:15 PMLefroy Ice Breakers5-0Coniston Flames
Sunday, March 19, 2017
NOV8:00 AMLawfield Flames5-1Oakridge Aeros A2
NOV8:15 AMLondon Bandits A21-6Pelham Panthers
AT8:15 AMNiagara Falls Blackhawks0-6Barrie Blackhawks
AT9:00 AMLambton Shores3-2London Bandits B4
PW9:15 AMMississauga Phantom Wolves1-0Lawfield Oilers
PW9:15 AMDream Catcher Fireworks0-7London Bandits C6
BT10:15 AMGlanbrook Rangers - TUCK2-7Lindsay Muskies
BT10:15 AMMount Forest 0-4London Bandits C8
NOV12:00 PMLawfield Flames3-2Pelham Panthers
AT1:15 PMLambton Shores3-6Barrie Blackhawks
PW1:30 PMMississauga Phantom Wolves0-3London Bandits C6
BT2:30 PMLondon Bandits C82-3Lindsay Muskies
MI2:45 PMSouth Huron 1-2Lefroy Ice Breakers
All games played at Gale Centre.
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